GBIF-DE Botany Portal - Retirement notice

The GBIF-DE Botany Portal has been developed in the mid-2000s in order to facilitate advanced search functions for GBIF-mediated occurrence data. Back then, the GBIF data portal had very limited features and was missing important search criteria (e.g. free-text search for localities and collectors). Nowadays, the new GBIF data portal for occurrence search offers state-of-the-art filters on almost every data item for occurrences, including a search over all fields.

For this reason, the GBIF-DE Botany Portal will be retired. You can find the same records at the GBIF portal. You can add more filters as you like, including all the filters that have been available on the GBIF-DE Botany Portal:

>>> View botanic occurrences on Germany at GBIF <<<



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